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The evolution of customer experience measurement

Customer experience measurement (CXM) is no longer just about Voice of the Customer programmes, it has evolved as a concept to be an integrated data gathering framework that enables decision making within organisations. The integrated framework needs to connect multiple data sources: brand metrics, operational data, social listening etc. But again, these elements need to work together to deliver a single view of the customer and provide the business with clarity for informed decision making and commercial growth.

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A perfect storm of disruptive change

In a time where customers have decreasing trust in big business, UK insurers are fixating on their customer experience (CX) as an enduring source of competitive advantage. KPMG Nunwood examines customer experience through the lens of The Six Pillars of Customer Experience: Personalisation; Time & Effort; Expectations; Integrity; Resolution; and Empathy.

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Enabling Voice of the Customer Excellence

In the 'age of the customer', organisations are unified in their claims that delivering a superior customer excellence is key to their future strategy. And looking at the size of the customer experience market it appears that most mean it. An annual growth of 20% over the past five years, and expected further growth over the coming years, seem to point that way. However, as with any new discipline (and customer experience is still relatively new) there are no commonly agreed definitions. One of the least well defined 'tools' in the customer experience arena are 'Voice of the Customer' (VoC) programmes. This paper aims to explore meaning behind VoC and addresses the four key questions one should ask when implementing this VoC programmes into CX strategy.

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Banking the Customer Experience Dividend

Banking leaders are challenged to create growth in a changing market. KPMG Nunwood’s analysis shows that customer experience is the key to achieving growth. For the average ‘Big 4’ bank, customer experience transformation could equate to £3.7bn in extra revenues over the next 3 years. This customer experience briefing for the banking sector explores a range of issues including: How to effectively implement customer best practice for your bank, the commercial rewards for successful transformation, understanding current performance: banking leaders & laggards, defining the target experience most associated with growth and building the bank of 2020 – capabilities and leadership needs.

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Achieving Customer Journey Mapping Success

The practice of customer journey mapping has become more widely acknowledged as a critical customer experience tool in recent years, as recognition grows of its ability to help organisations differentiate and stand out from the competition when used successfully. The best performing brands put customer journey mapping at the core of their customer experience strategies, enabling them to tailor their businesses around the customer, as opposed to ‘fitting’ their customers around the business. In this white paper we explore the common pitfalls of customer journey mapping, alongside the key principals to ensure success.

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Asset Management

Asset Management is under pressure due to squeezed margins, increasing regulatory burden, macro-economic and political, change such as Brexit, as well as new and disruptive business models, such as ‘Robo-advice’. With the client expectations growing, there is greater pressure to respond. In this report we explore the moments that matter for the asset management industry.

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