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The retail sector has undergone seismic change in the past decade. The age of consumer power has arrived and the smartphone has fully democratised shopping – the vast majority of the UK population can find out the price and availability of any item across countless retailers in a matter of seconds. With this in mind, customer experience in retail is more important than ever; for those retailers that can’t lead on price, experience becomes the key battleground.

All of this means that understanding what a great experience looks like – and where best to invest in order to drive ROI – is more important than ever. KPMG Nunwood have designed a Voice of the Customer approach with the power to identify strategic priorities as well as inspire your frontline to act on customer feedback. Alongside this, our truly customer-powered journey mapping and experience redesign capabilities provide everything you need to transform, implement, measure and improve memorable customer experiences for your shoppers.

Our latest CEE Study shows retail to lead other industries in delivering great customer experience. Brands such as Lush, John Lewis and Richer Sounds continue to deliver outstanding and memorable customer experience in diverse sectors, each standing out from the crowd. Retail faces an exciting future but the challenges are significant. Digital technology is already changing the way we shop both online and in-store with great ideas being trialled around the world. From Kroger’s digital shelf to M&S’s virtual rail we stand on the edge of great change.

Alongside the undoubted digital revolution, the role of people will change beyond recognition. Store based retail associates will increasingly be asked to engage with customers, to act as conduit between technology and brand and provide the kind of empathic interaction that creates a much loved brand and a reason to return.

The future for retail is exciting; knowing what your customer really wants and investing in customer experience to meet those needs profitably are vital components in building and growing your brand.

Success story

The psychology of the supermarket: Influencing buying behaviour

Supermarkets are part of our everyday lives and we generally take them for granted. Each time we take a trip to our local store the brightest retailer and manufacturer brains are actively managing every aspect of the store in order to influence our buying behaviour subconsciously.

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